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Redline develops loan management solutions that streamline the lending process for borrowers, banks, retailers and intermediaries.

Our solutions have a proven track record in helping our clients grow their loan books whilst providing exceptional online experiences for consumers. Developed by our in-house team, Cognition, our flexible platform can be fully configured to meet your requirements, enabling your teams to achieve outstanding results.

Engrained within our teams is The Redline Way which holds us accountable to achieve exceptional delivery and service every step of the way.

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Cognition is Redline’s state-of-the art, lending platform. It has been continually refined and developed over many years to stay ahead of the UK’s evolving Consumer Credit Industry.

Cognition is a configurable, modular credit management solution robustly designed to automate lending and collections processes. It utilises straight through processing, automated underwriting, interactive interfaces and secure electronic signing to improve efficiency and customer convenience.

For our clients, Cognition has proved a powerful sales tool, automating lending, simplifying borrowing and delivering formidable returns.

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