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configurable, modular credit management solution

redline solutions

Our configurable, modular credit management solution has evolved over many years to meet the growing needs of the Consumer Credit Industry.

We have the tools to meet your business objectives, offering the complete solution from initial data capture to debt collection.

web applications

Web-based front and back office systems, which enable location independent operation.

new business web services

Advanced XML based services that allow platform independent integration between third party systems.


We can incorporate any form of communications within the document production and reporting capabilities including paper, faxing, email and SMS.

a multi bureau credit decision engine

Allows automated underwriting of loan applications providing instant decisions, supporting multi-bureau datasets, scorecards and tiered business rules.

The high levels of configuration enable our clients to react to new business opportunities and configure bespoke rules tailored to their types of business.


Completely paperless system using advanced e-signature technology from Bonafidee. Contracts can be signed instantly with the 100% secure, PCI compliant service. A full audit trail of the signing process is provided along with a tamper-proof evidence pack to deliver the most robust e-signature product available.


Business analytical tools to build and schedule advanced reporting functions. Our business intelligence and reporting tools make it easier to maximise sales opportunities with growing revenue through higher conversion rates.

Delivering leading edge credit application software, Redline can be rebranded to present a seamless operation to customers.

automated document production and management

Complex financial contracts can be created and distributed within minutes with a fully compliant back up audit trail available.

debt collection

The integrated collections function can maximise overdue payment recovery and comprehensive payment handling can simplify payment transactions.

customer service

Automation of repetitive tasks allow operators to utilise Redline’s system to focus on delivering the highest level of customer service, reducing operational costs and the possibility of error.

ultra secure and safe

We ensure all customer data is 100% secure. We host and manage our SaaS from our own hardware in the most secure data centre in the UK with their facilities being ISO27001 accredited.


Tried and Trusted Secure PCI Compliant Framework. Full audit trail maintained with application and database level validations safeguarding against invalid system settings.


Our Software as a Service is a cloud based lending platform. Our clients can use the powerful credit software applications without having to worry about the time or cost of putting in place a sophisticated IT infrastructure.

benefits to financial organisations using Software as a Service

Our Software as a Service is a cloud based lending platform. The result is that our clients can use the full and powerful credit software applications without having to worry about the time or cost of putting in place a sophisticated I.T. infrastructure


Easy to budget

Avoid large upfront expenses and break the hardware upgrade cycle. Operate with known fixed annual costs. You only need pay for what you require

Tax advantages

These charges can be classed as Hire Charges - 100% deductible from Corporation Tax.


Redline Application Services will take care of hardware upgrades as required to maintain performance.

Cost Savings

After initial implementation and training, IT costs can be reduced as no skilled IT personnel are required along with no costly hardware, software and network upgrades and associated support.



Applications are delivered through a managed service thereby allowing organisations to concentrate on their core business.


No specialist hardware requirements. Users can be added with ease and the latest version of the software will always be available.


The latest Microsoft SQL database and Intel hardware technology ensures a high level of data integrity and availability along with daily server back-ups stored off-site.

Service Levels

The service is delivered to a guaranteed Service Level Agreement ensuring availability, performance and reliability.